Privacy Statement for users of NZUniCareerHub

NZUniCareerHub is committed to providing ethical and honest services. This policy describes how information gathered from site users, and through electronic statistical or logging methods is used by NZUniCareerHub.

Details you provide to NZUniCareerHub

By the nature of the services provided by NZUniCareerHub it is a requirement for certain details to be gathered from the person or organisation utilising the services. Required information is indicated on each web form provided as you use various features of the site.

NZUniCareerHub's service is essentially to "distribute" the information provided by you directly to the CareerHub databases used internally by Universities or other educational users of CareerHub software. The system has been designed to ease the burden of managing this distribution process. As such you can expect that any details or information entered into NZUniCareerHub, except for financial and invoicing details, will be published to universities as requested.

Once details are distributed NZUniCareerHub maintains no control over usage of that data. You can expect that Universities will also have their own Privacy Policies and you may seek out these policies on individual University websites if you have concerns. You may also directly contact the Careers Service staff at each institution listed on the CareerHub Network page for their own policy.

Storage of Data

Information you provide to NZUniCareerHub is stored electronically in a database. This database is hosted on servers in a secure data centre and backed up and stored in a separate facility for disaster recovery purposes.

While every reasonable effort is undertaken to ensure the security of this information, NZUniCareerHub cannot guarantee that systems are impenetrable to hackers or malicious users. NZUniCareerHub will not be held responsible in the event that another person or organisation illegally obtains your details or information.

If you believe or have evidence of any breach of NZUniCareerHub security please contact us immediately.

NZUniCareerHub Staff and Contractors

NZUniCareerHub staff and contractors will have access to your details and information about you as required to perform their roles and daily tasks. Each person employed by NZUniCareerHub is subject to a confidentiality agreement and may not discuss private details outside of their work requirements.

Logging of web server activity

NZUniCareerHub uses standard logging practises on web servers that are used by NZUniCareerHub for monitoring of our systems stability, and to identify patterns of site usage.

Web server log files are also used to reveal and assist in the prevention of any potentially malicious activity against the site.

Typical web server logs will identify, but are not limited to, information such as IP addresses of client computers, referring sites, time and date of access and page hits.

Any statistical or other data provided on the NZUniCareerHub web site or to any third party will only be provided in aggregate format and no details about any individual organisation or site user will ever be revealed publicly without the knowledge and permission of the organisation or site user.


"Cookies" are small text files that internet browser software such as "Internet Explorer" or "Fire Foxv use to store information on the clients local hard drive. Most sites you visit on the web will create a cookie on your computer that will be used by the web server to remember details about your "session" with the site.

Programmers can manipulate and persist information to a cookie to make your experience with the site better.

NZUniCareerHub uses a cookie with encrypted information about your session details so that security can be enforced throughout your visit. This cookie will be cleared after your session expires unless you choose to have NZUniCareerHub remember you login details.

Email Communications

NZUniCareerHub will use your email address to communicate with you regarding anything deemed important about your account or information you have added to the NZUniCareerHub website for publication.

Occasionally a newsletter may be sent to you regarding special offers, general news about new features or partnership arrangements. You may choose not to receive communications of this type by logging in to your account and selecting this option in your personal contacts section.

Since the purpose of NZUniCareerHub is to distribute your information to university Careers Services, you may also receive email or phone communications from a University staff member. Once your information is distributed NZUniCareerHub maintains no control over how the individual university utilises your email address however usage will be bound by the university�s own privacy policy. If you receive unwanted communications from any individual university then you should discuss the issue directly with the responsible person or department.

Accessing and deleting your information

NZUniCareerHub provides a web interface where you can manage and update your information and details.

If you are concerned about information held within NZUniCareerHub about you or your organisation then you may request that any such information held by NZUniCareerHub be provided to you. Proof of your identity will be required prior to provision of data.

If you want to completely remove information from the NZUniCareerHub database and are unable to do so through the web interface then please contact us with your request. Be aware that information stored on historical backups cannot be removed.

Usage of feedback provided

Any feedback, whether complaints or suggestions for improvement, will be retained by NZUniCareerHub for the purpose of improving our services and software.

Contact us

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Last updated 01-Jun-2016