How NZUCH works

NZUCH is a joint venture established by seven of the top NZ Universities' careers services. The centralised vacancy distribution system allows you to:

  • Post full-time and part-time graduate vacancies, internships, scholarships/awards and volunteering advertisements directly into the universities’ own careers services systems.
  • Access 435,000+ university students and graduates across seven universities all in one go using the centralised system
  • Build relationships with university careers services and build a strong employer profile with students and graduates
  • Find out about campus events and careers expos/fairs, plus on campus marketing opportunities
  • Access exclusive graduate and student recruitment resources.

Got a vacancy to fill? Get it online in three easy steps:

What else you need to know

  • You can preview your advertisements within the employer dashboard of the NZUCH site.
  • Once your advertisement is sent to NZUCH you will receive notification that it has been published on the relevant career services’ sites.
  • Students/graduates access your published information by logging on to the student interface of NZUCH; accessed within the careers section of their own university’s website.
  • A student ID and log in is required to access the student interface of NZUCH, which means that you can target students and recent graduates with the skills and qualifications you seek
  • Once you are registered, all your employer information is available centrally to each of the seven university careers services – so there’s no need to update each university if there are any changes in your details, you can manage them all centrally through the employer dashboard.
  • The seven universities which form the NZUCH University network are:
North Island South Island